Square Enix Wants to Bring Type-0 to the West, Agito to be Localized 0


While Final Fantasy Agito has been promised a localization by its producer Hajime Tabata, most people are still taking it with a grain of salt as the decision still depends on the higher-ups (who have always been wishy-washy when it comes to giving the fans what they want), but a recent filing for a trademark for the title and logo in Europe certainly lends credence to Tabata’s promise. Additionally, there is also hope for the Japanese exclusive PSP RPG Final Fantasy Type-0 to make its way to the west.

Square Enix reps have since clarified that Tabata’s statement wasn’t an official announcement, but Tabata has stated that the changing portable market and the fan enthusiasm for Type-0 has renewed the company’s interest in bringing it to the West via the PSN.