Square Enix Announces New Free To Play Final Fantasy Game for Smartphones 0


In a recent issue of Famitsu magazine, Square Enix announced their plans to release an original fantasy RPG called Final Fantasy Agito, which will be free to play on iOS and Android devices. The game will feature both singleplayer and multiplayer elements, and will be set in the same world as Final Fantasy Type-0 (the Japanese PSP-exclusive Final Fantasy that was released two years ago).

Agito will serve as a retelling of Type-0, with gamers playing from the perspective of a new player-customized character, serving as a student candidate in the same Orience magic academy that set the stage for Type-0.

“I wanted to write a story that traced the different fates of the FF Type-0 heroes,” producer Hajime Tabata told Famitsu. “A lot of FF Type-0 players have told us that, and there are a lot of people within the studio, too, who wanted to do it. FF Type-0 was originally meant for release on mobile phones, and I liked the Agito name anyway, so that’s how we got started with this project.”

Fans who are worried that the Free to Play model might be a bait and switch (which some gamers affectionately refer to as “Pay to Win.”), Tabata assured them that it will still be playable to the end even if you don’t shell out money, as he is also not fond of in-game purchases:

“[We want] you to be able to reach the ending fully free-to-play,” he said. “I don’t buy extra stuff in games, after all. The ‘active force’ you consume in missions refills over time, but you can refill it instantly with an item if you want to play at once. You can also spin to purchase abilities, continues for when you fail at a mission, and most of the other things you’d expect.”

Via: Famitsu.com