Sonic the Hedgehog Returns to Super Smash Bros. 0


I was a 90s teen, so I managed to live in that brief timeframe when a videogame featuring both Sonic and Mario is unheard of, even in fanfiction (because it would be sacrilegious to either side, as the Nintendo-Sega fan rivalry is still at its peak) so imagine my glee when the first games featuring the blue blur and the plump red plumber came out. And then imagine that glee to be extremely short-lived because the first few games that featured both characters – the Olympics-themed ones – were remarkably unimpressive.

Thankfully, Sonic’s addition to the Smash Bros. franchise eventually brought the two characters together in a setting that most gamers would enjoy playing. And it seems like Sega finally gets what Nintendoes as the blue hedgehog is set to return in the next installment of the Super Smash Bros. franchise on the 3DS and Wii U. You can check out the trailer below: