SNK Playmore Sues Square Enix Over Copyright Infringement 0


After recently flexing their legal muscle over a fanmade translation of Final Fantasy Type-0, many people would consider it karmic retribution that Square Enix is now facing a copyright infringement complaint from another game company, SNK Playmore, over characters shown in the Hi Score Girl manga published by Square Enix.

According to a report by the Sankei business newspaper, The Consumer and Economic Crime Division of the Osaka Police raided the local branches and ancillary buildings of Square Enix in order to gather necessary evidence for the complaint. The author of the manga, Rensuke Oshikiri, and the editor were also questioned.

In a press release, SNK Playmore explained that an animation production studio contacted them regarding the clearance of copyrighted characters and sound effects that will be used in the animated adaptation of the Hi Score Girl manga, which is when they discovered the use of their copyrighted characters without permission and the scope of the alleged infringement.

SNK Playmore explained that they were originally just seeking an injunction on the sale of any and every publication of Hi-Score Girl, which includes digital and printed versions along with other related merchandise, but had to file a criminal complaint under Article 119 Section 1 of Japan’s Copyright Law when they failed to receive a meaningful response from Square-Enix.