Shantae Will Hit the Nintendo 3DS Next Week 0


Wayforward is known these days for a various videogames based on popular TV shows, such as Adventure Time and Ben 10, but back then they were known for the very untimely release of the gameboy color platformer Shantae, which is easily one of the best platformers of its time, pushing the gameboy color’s hardware to its limits and providing visuals that are easily on par with console games. However, it didn’t see much success because it was released during the handheld’s twilight. It soon became somewhat of a rarity, commanding premium prices on auction sites.

For people who weren’t able to play it the first time around – either because they missed it or didn’t have enough money for the overpriced eBay auctions (and didn’t want to resort to emulation), WayForward will be releasing Shantae for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console next week.

According to Wayforward’s own Matt Bozon, the Gameboy Color version of Shantae will be made available in North America on July 18, followed by a European, Australian, and New Zealand release (dates pending).

Via: Siliconera