Sengoku Basara 4 Scheduled for 2014 in Japan 0

sengoku basara 4

It was announced at the recent Sengoku Basara Festival that Capcom is preparing to bring back the hack and slash franchise with another chapter, with the tentatively titled Sengoku Basara 4 being given an early 2014 release date for the Playstation 3 in Japan.

The new Sengoku Basara game should make for a fun game for people who thought the Samurai Warriors franchise wasn’t over the top enough, and didn’t want their musou-beat-em-ups to be tarnished by popular anime brands like Bleach, One Piece, or Fist of the North Star, all of which have already had their own Dynasty Warriors-type game from Koei.

Sengoku Basara will certainly fulfill that need, and it may even be mistaken by some people as part of Koei’s Warriors franchise, since it also takes historical Japanese figures like Masamune Date and gives them ridiculously unrealistic abilities and sets them against waves upon waves of enemies.

An official Japanese website is set to go live on April 1. Other than the general reveal, Capcom didn’t divulge too many details, but the game’s key terms are “Sengoku Genesis” and “Enter a new chapter.”