Samurai Shodown II Makes its Way to iOS and Android 0


Fans of SNK’s classic 2D sword-fighting game Samurai Shodown will be glad to know that the 2nd installment in the franchise, Samurai Shodown II, will be making its way to tablets and tablets via ports on the iOS and Android OSes, where it will be priced at $8.99.

The iOS and Android ports of Samurai Shodown II both boast of arcade-perfect conversion that offers customizable controls and multiplayer support via bluetooth. However, one concern among players is that a touchscreen control scheme will never be enough for competitive play on fighting games that require frame-accurate responsiveness, which Samurai Shodown II is part of. However, this could a boon to people who have access to a physical controller (like some of the gaming oriented smartphones with buttons and directional pads) as well as bluetooth gamepads.