Retrospective Trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 0


Despite all the criticism that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was getting right off the bat, it actually turned out to be good – even better than previous installments in the XIII franchise if we’re to believe all the reviews, but it still has its detractors. Mainly people who feel that Lightning and her crew have already overstayed their welcome, and retro purists who want the series to go back to its 2D sprite roots.

Well, the most recent promo video for Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will please both kinds of detractors, as it’s an indication that this is really the final chapter in the XIII saga, providing a retrospective look at what the story is so far. For the next camp, they’ll at least appreciate the fact that the trailer uses 2D sprite work reminiscent of the 16-bit RPGs of the past. You can check it out below: