Resident Evil: Revelations HD Adds New Difficulty Mode for Console Release 0


Resident Evil 4 was the turning point for the long running RE videogame franchise, as it started veering more towards the action genre while still retaining key elements of survival horror. It is also the most divisive, with one camp dismissing it as no longer a Resident Evil game, while another praises it for updating the dated game mechanics to catch up with the times.

After RE4, things sort of went downhill as people felt that the games became too easy, and are no longer survival horror games – just action games with mutants (not even zombies) in them. With the release of Resident Evil: Revelations for the consoles and PC this May 21, the franchise may be returning back to its roots slightly as it adds the new Infernal difficulty mode, which adds tougher enemies and trickier item placement, along with a host of new updates designed to make the game more challenging. You can view the video below in order to see Capcom show off the new difficulty mode: