Resident Evil Creator Returns to Survival Horror with The Evil Within 0

the evil within

The Resident Evil franchise, while still loved by its fanbase, has gone a little bit astray these past few years, with the series veering off into action-horror territory instead of the original survival horror that made it so famous in the first place. Original creator Shinji Mikami is aware of this so he is going to go back to the roots of “pure survival horror” via a new game titled “The Evil Within. A trailer was released during the recent Tokyo Game Show, giving fans a glimpse of what they can expect from the game:

If the trailer is anything to go by, The Evil Within still looks like the more recent Resident Evils with its third person perspective but the key difference is that the atmosphere and enemies look scarier. The surroundings and the enemies look more Silent Hill-like than Resident Evil, and we assume that there will be an emphasis on limited inventory space and ammo, in order to prevent the game from turning into a horror-themed action game. Let’s just hope they don’t bring back the original unresponsive tank controls.

The Evil Within is scheduled for a 2014 release on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.