Preview for Level-5’s New RPG: Wonderflick 0

level 5 wonderflick

Level-5 has just released a new trailer for their upcoming multi-platform RPG, WonderFlick. Despite having proper next-gen visuals geared more towards high powered consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, the talented folks over at Level-5 managed to port WonderFlick to just about every single platform worth having these days, including the PS3, the iOS and Android mobile platforms, and the PS Vita. The absence of any Nintendo console in the list of ports is a bit unfair for us N-fangirls, but considering the amount of RPGs on Nintendo’s side of the pond, it wouldn’t be too much of an injustice.

The mobile ports of Wonderflick will be launched in November, while the rest of the ports are scheduled for 2014. It’s worth noting that PS4 users may want to hold out simply for the chance to use a smartphone or a tablet as a second screen. Xbox One users also have the option to use SmartGlass. Additionally, the game will feature one dungeon that is exclusive to each platform, but the save data itself can be used across different ports.