Portal and Half-Life 2 Coming to nVidia’s Shield 0


For a while now, nVidia’s android powered handheld game device, the Shield, has been sold as an excellent gaming device for Android games as well as emulators. It’s only ties to PC Gaming is the ability to stream a game from your gaming PC, provided that said PC meets the system requirements (a high end nVidia videocard, basically.) However, that’s all going to change soon as Valve seems to be behind the device.

According to a recent announcement, Valve’s iconic First Person Platforming game, Portal, and the game it was based on, Half-Life 2, will be coming to the nVidia Shield. It’s not a streamed game nor is it emulation, but a full-blown Android port. It’s said that the games will remain the same as the ones on PC when it comes to content, but the graphics have been optimized for the Shield.

Both Portal and Half-Life 2 are now available from Google Play ($9.99 each, at time of writing) but they’re exclusive to the nVidia Shield, so don’t bother trying to purchase if you have a different Android based device.