Pokemon Developer’s Next Project is a Musical Platformer 0

Pokemon Developer's Next Project is a Musical Platformer

Game Freak, which is famous for developing the marketing juggernaut that is the Pokemon franchise, is getting ready to show the world that their creative pockets are deep enough to accumulate ideas other than monster husbandry, as they have announced the release of Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight for the Japanese 3DS eShop on September 5.

Here’s a clip from their Nintendo Direct presentation, showing of some of the introduction as well as how the platforming gameplay ties in with the rhythm elements:

There’s only a few ways before the September release, so Game Freak has decided to release a playable demo in Japan in order to tease the public. The game will be priced at 1,800 yen when it drops (roughly $23). There’s currently no word on whether Game Freak has plans to release it overseas. I guess it’s up to our Japanese friends now. C’mon, you guys – make this thing sell a quadrillion copies so that Game Freak will be more willing to risk an international port.