Plants vs. Zombie Sequel Scheduled for July 0

Plants vs. Zombie Sequel Scheduled for July

Fans of Popcap Games’ cute zombie-infested tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies have been starved for sequels for a long time, with the company not releasing any updates to the franchise, in spite of an active campaign to port the game to just about any gaming device that can handle it (which includes Android and iOS devices, XBLA, and even the Nintendo DS). This coming July, said fans will finally get what they want: a proper sequel to the franchise, tentatively titled “Plants vs. Zombies: It’s About Time.”

Popcap has even released a teaser video, but don’t expect to see any new gameplay footage. It’s just a bunch of people asking about the game:

No further details have been released, but we expect them to surface in the coming weeks since it’s only a month before the proper release. Additionally, Popcap will also be releasing a spin-off game on Youtube, titled Plants vs. Zombies Adventure, on May 20.