New Pikmin 3 Promo Video Introduces Pikmin Types 0

pikmin 3

With the release of Pikmin 3 in North America looming, Nintendo has started cranking up the promotional gears, releasing a couple of new clips that were meant to introduce both new and old gamers alike to the upcoming Wii U game. You can watch the clips below:

The first clip is dubbed as a gameplay trailer, which means it’s meant to show off the actual experience of playing the game, but also works well as a preview of what you can expect the game to look like, with the Wii U being the first Nintendo console to offer true next-gen graphics (whatever the hell that means):

The next clip is the Introduction clip, which shows off the various types of Pikmin that you will be playing with during the course of the game:

Pikmin 3 will be released in Japan on July 13, Europe on July 26, Australia on July 27, and North America on August 4.