First Person Tetris

First Person Tetris 0

First Person Tetris

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to play Tetris in first person perspective? The aptly named First Person Tetris will sate your curiosity, as it gives you the chance to play the classic puzzler within your browser, in first person POV.

The environment that you will play looks simple at first glance; you have what appears to be a TV set with a Nintendo Entertainment System attached, and you control the game via the keyboards, with the arrow keys controlling the direction of the pieces, while Space rotates and Page Return drops the pieces.

The game itself also looks fairly straightforward; it’s classic 8-bit tetris with no updates to the graphics or even the sound. Prepare to be amazed (and nauseous!) once you start playing. As the name implies, the game is played entirely in first person POV, which means when you rotate the pieces, your point of view rotates as well, resulting in a confusing – but very challenging – game of tetris.

Go ahead and play First Person Tetris. Bring a bottle of aspirin.

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