First Person Mario 0

First Person Mario

Yesterday, we posted about Mario Portal, which mixes elements from the modern game Portal and the retro Super Mario Bros by giving Mario a portal gun. But what if the approach was different? What if, instead of receiving the portal gun, the 1985 classic Super Mario Bros received the 3rd Dimension?

You get: First Person Mario


Don’t get excited, though. It’s not an actual game. It’s not even a plan for an actual game. It’s just a CG rendering that shows what Super Mario Bros would look like if it were in 3D, using first person perspective. There is no actual game engine behind the video. Besides, it may look cool, but we doubt if it’s actually fun to play, especially if the stages are as narrow as the one shown on the video (unless if it were made to be on rails, removing the ability to go in the left or right direction)