Overview Footage Shows Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 0

luigi's mansion

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Luigi’s Mansion: Darkmoon, this time in the form of a 4-minute overview of the various ghostly frights that Mario’s green-garbed sibling has to contend with. Granted that they’re cute, cuddly little ghosts most of the time, but the atmosphere is so well-crafted that if you’re easily scared, you may want to watch the video with the lights turned on:


The multiplayer mode called Hunter Mode is worth seeing, as it gives a Zelda Four Swords adventure kind of thing in the sense that it gives players control of differently-colored Luigis and has them hunting ghosts and clearing floors within a set time limit. The difficulty and number of floors can be adjusted, but as soon as they are done they have to face the level boss at the top.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon arrives in North America on March 24.