The Oregon Trail finds its way to the Wii 0

The Oregon Trail finds its way to the Wii

The Oregon Trail may have been overshadowed by its contemporaries, particularly FPSes like Doom (which is still firmly ingrained in pop culture as majority of the most popular current gen games trace its roots back to the ID software gem), but there are still gamers today who fondly remember endless hours of playing the old educational game, learning just how hard the early American families had it, and just how easy it is to get dysentery. Those of you who can’t relate to the previous sentence may get a chance to experience the classic MECC bestseller; an updated version of The Oregon Trail is headed to the Nintendo Wii, and will come with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a game remake.

The Wii version of The Oregon Trail promises to be the same point and click adventure, but comes with four new unique storylines set over three different timelines. Of course, you can expect a shiny new graphics engine, as the visuals will be updated to current gen standards (at least, the Wii’s current gen visual standards, which is a generation behind the Xbox360 and Ps3’s). The game will hit stores on December 8th.