Opening Cutscene for Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 0


One of the most enduring aspects of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Franchise (at least, starting from the PS1) is the lengthy cinematic FMV opening cutscenes. Considered by many as both technological and storytelling masterpieces, some titles attract new fans simply through the opening cutscene. The latest game in the franchise, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, has just had its opening FMV released online and ready for consumption by fans and would-be fans alike. Check it out below:

The game will bring back the protagonist Lightning as she awakens from a 500 year sleep in order to save the world from the apocalypse, with old and new faces – friends and enemies alike – emerging from the darkness in order to prevent her from fulfilling her destiny as the “Savior.”

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is scheduled to launch on February 11th, 2014.