Opening Cinematic for Monster Hunter 4 0


Capcom has just released the opening cinematic for their latest Nintendo 3DS exclusive installment of the Monster Hunter franchise, appropriately named Monster Hunter 4.

While Monster Hunter 4’s status as a handheld title imply that things are going to be teeny-tiny, the opening cinematic reveals that we’re portable or no, we’re going to be treated to some extremely huge – colossal, even – creatures that gamers must hunt. And maybe slay, skin, and bone, the byproducts of which you can wear and brandish as a new set of armor and weapon.

Such is the life of a Monster Hunter.

Nobody said it was easy. What, did you think it involves throwing your balls at monsters and training them to fight against each other? Go and watch the video and tell us if you find anything cute about it (although we have to admit, that Felyne tagging along is kinda cute).

Monster Hunter 4 arrives on Japanese 3DSes this September 14.