Okami Gets PS3 HD Version, Move Support 0

Okami Gets PS3 HD Version, Move Support

Originally developed by the now defunct Clover Studio for the Playstation 2 in 2006, Okami will be making its way to the Playstation 3 with brand-spanking new HD visuals as well as support for Move controls. The gorgeous Capcom third person(god/animal?) action platformer is due out in Japan on November 1.

The game follows Shinto sun goddess Amaterasu who takes on the form of a white wolf in order to save the world from darkness, using her Celestial Brush to perform miracles.

Okami was originally directed by Devil May Cry and Bayonetta’s Hideki Kamiya, and was recently ported to the Nintendo Wii with only motion control enhancements as the difference. The remastered Playstation 3 version, on the other hand, will not only come with motion control support, but support for 1080p resolutions. The working title is Okami Zekkei-ban or Okami Superb Version, and will retail under the estimated price of 3,990 yen (roughly $50 USD)