Nintendo to Stop Production of Wiis Soon 0

Wii production ends

The Nintendo Wii was an odd console – it saw massive success and even beat the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 in sales early in its product life, despite predictions of failure coming from industry experts and core gamers (who criticized its reliance on novelty motion controls and underpowered hardware). The sales tapered off towards the end, though, as the titles started drying out and with Nintendo preparing the successor, the Wii U.

Over all, the Wii managed to sell over 100 million units worldwide since its debut in 2006, certainly not bad when compared to Nintendo’s previous console efforts, the Gamecube and Nintendo64, both of which barely managed to keep up with Sony’s offerings at the time. However, Nintendo’s Japanese page has recently posted an image announcing that manufacturing for the Wii is scheduled to end soon.

“Our new generation Wii U console is already on the market and allows users to play software originally designed for the Wii … So this is part of the transition of our products to new models,” says a Nintendo rep in a statement to the AFP.