Nintendo Schedules 30th Anniversary Virtual Console Games for Wii U 0


Nintendo will be celebrating their 30th anniversary this year with a Virtual Console event, in which one select classic game will be made available on the service each month under a significantly reduced price (30 cents). Nintendo has previously released the list of classic games along with a general release window, but now they have provided specific dates for each one:

The titles sort of work as a primer for the Wii U’s Virtual Console, which is set to launch in full this spring. There’s no catch with the 30 cent price of the games. Once you’ve paid for and downloaded it, it’s yours to keep.

Here’s the full list with dates:

Balloon Fight (NES): Wed, 1/23 to Thu, 2/21
F-Zero (SNES): Wed, 2/20 to Thu, 3/21
Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (NES): Wed, 3/20 to Thu, 4/18
Kirby’s Adventure (NES): Wed, 4/17 to Thu, 5/16
Super Metroid (SNES): Wed, 5/15 to Thu, 6/13
Yoshi (NES): Wed, 6/12 to Thu, 7/11
Donkey Kong (NES): Mon, 7/15 to Tue, 8/13