Nintendo Reveals eShop Downloadable Indie Lineup 0


This gen seems to be keen on courting the Indie devs and encouraging them to move their business to consoles, as opposed to their former stomping grounds, the PC. Nintendo is not one to get left behind, as their recent eShop promo trailer shows off their hard hitting Indie Lineup – sure, they don’t sport the fancy, shiny polygonal graphics that AAA games like to brandish these days, but when it comes to the fun factor, these indie games have it in spades!

The eShop reel is full of the indie-friendly genres like platformers, puzzlers, and even full-blown 2D JRPGs like Pier Solar HD. If you have a Wii U or a 3DS and would like to check out some cheap, retro-inspired goodies, you should check out the video below: