Nintendo Censors Fire Emblem DLC Scene 0

It’s not surprising that Nintendo has recently censored a suggestive image that appears in the latest batch of Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC. After all, they have already built a reputation of keeping the games in their consoles completely kid-safe, going so far as to recolor all the blood in Mortal Kombat (because it it’s not red, it’s not violent, right?).

However, what’s surprising is the fact that when they censored the image, they actually made it worse. The original image had the posterior of the female character safely covered by a skimpy, yet functional bikini. But when they covered up the area with a strategically placed curtain, it ended up leaving room for the imagination to fill in all the sexy details. Check out the comparison below:


It should be noted that violent and mature content still appears in Nintendo’s consoles from time to time, such as the House of the Dead series making their way to the Wii, or the ultra gory (yet ultra sucky) Mad World.