Nintendo Announces 2D-Only Version of the 3DS 0


Nintendo has recently announced a new handheld gaming device called the Nintendo 2DS, which is scheduled to come out in October under a $129.99 price tag. As the name implies, this is only a new variation of the Nintendo 3DS, but the differences (and the removed features) are significant enough that the drastic reduction in price starts to make sense.

The biggest change is the fact that the 2DS doesn’t have any 3D support. It will play both DS and 3DS games(in 2D mode) fine and will retain other important features like WiFi, dual camera, and eShop support. Another big change is the change in form factor, it is now a single handheld with two screens, no longer possessing the clamshell design that gave its predecessors a distinctive look (this also means that you might want to invest on a screen protector.)