Namco Bandai Wants Your Shield Design for Dark Souls II 0

Namco Bandai Wants Your Shield Design for Dark Souls II

Namco Bandai has recently launched a design contest that will take advantage of the natural creativity possessed by Dark Souls players. This time around, instead of using your brain to come up with ingenious ways of murdering gigantic demons and monsters, you’ll be using those creative juices to come up with an original shield design, which could end up in Dark Souls II as actual usable shields (if it wins the contest.)

The design submission stage runs until May 13, after which the contest will be entering a voting only phase until May 20. The shield with the most fan votes will then enter a final round of judging by the Dark Souls II development team at FromSoftware in Japan. Only six lucky shields will be chosen out of all the submissions (make sure you design one with a horseshoe OR a cloverleaf).

How to enter the DARK SOULS II Shield Design Contest:

1. Become a fan on the official DARK SOULS II Facebook page at
2. Check out the Shield Design Facebook application
3. Download the blank shield template
4. Create up to three original shield designs
5. Submit your finished designs via Facebook on or before May 14, 2013