Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Will Add Gampad-Only Play in April

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Will Add Gampad-Only Play in April 0


You can file this one under Capcom Finally Listening to What Fans Want: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will have an update planned for April, and one of the major additions is the ability to play the game away from the TV, using the gamepad exclusively. Other updates include cross-region play, which means hunters with North American versions of the game can now team up with ones who have the European version.

monster hunter 3 ultimate gamepad only play

Gamepad-only play is one of the features that was strongly requested by the MH community, and its absence is especially puzzling considering that the feature is supposed to be one of the Wii U’s key strengths, and is more welcomed by gamers over the ability to use the gamepad as a map screen or a HUD display.

In addition to the Gamepad-only play, there are also other features that Capcom is planning to provide in the coming months, including downloadable quests for both Wii U and 3DS versions of the game, the first of which will be made available upon the game’s release.

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