Market Research Shows a Decrease in US Gamers

Market Research Shows a Decrease in US Gamers 0

Market Research Shows a Decrease in US Gamers

In a recent market research done by the NPD Group, titled Game Segmentation 2012: The New Faces of Gamers, it is revealed that 211.5 million Americans were playing videogames in 2012. While 2/3 of the country is impressive as far as numbers go, it shows a marked decrease in the number of gamers: roughly 12 million gamers less than 2011.

The number of core console gamers, avid PC gamers, light PC gamers, and casual/kid gamers all saw a reduction, with the latter being reduced by 17.4 million players. The only segment of gamers that managed an increase is the mobile games segment, which saw a 9 percent share:

From the report:

Question: Which gamer segment’s share of the population has grown the most since 2011?
Answer: The Mobile Gamer segment is up 9 share points from last year.

Question: Which gamer segment is most likely to research games information on YouTube?
Answer: Core Gamers are more likely than any other segment to visit YouTube for information about games.

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