Legend of Zelda Producer Emphasizes Need to Evolve 0


Even though Nintendo may have went against the flow with their E3 presentation this year, we still got what we expect from the company as far as what was on display is concerned, including a presentation of the new Zelda games. Zelda’s producer Eiji Aonuma is aware of it, though, as he has recently told Endgadget that they need to evolve and grow if they don’t want to die.

Some fans will point out that the statement is a bit hypocritical considering that the upcoming Zelda games will be a successor to A Link to the Past and an HD remake of Wind Waker, but Aonuma counters that the latter will serve as a training tool that will help his team in line and get them to learn what the Wii U is capable of.

But Aonuma is listening to both sides, addressing that while the formula is getting stale, there’s still the danger of changing things too much that it’s no longer going to be a Zelda game:

“If we change it too much, I’m also concerned people will say, ‘Okay, is it no longer Zelda if we don’t have this formula? We’re trying to find new ways to play. Not only the kinds of items you find, but how you use those items. I want to give the player more freedom. I want them to be able to explore more,” he said before closing with this tease: “The concept of the item will be completely different than what you’ve experienced before.”

Via: Endgadget