The Legend of Zelda 80s movie trailer 0

The Legend of Zelda 80s movie trailer
Technically, The Legend of Zelda is an 80s franchise, so this is not a retro-reimagining of the popular Nintendo action RPG. This Legend of Zelda 80s movie trailer is a reimagining of the video game as an 80s romantic comedy movie, as it portrays Link as the lovable – if somewhat too naive – 80s male protagonist, Zelda as the so close yet so far slightly unobtainable romantic interest, Midna as the basketcase, Tingle as the oddball geek friend, and Navi as the wise female platonic friend. Of course, every movie needs an antagonist – Ganondorf as the authoritarian principal.


If you’ve watched the trailer all the way through (or if you’re the sassy know it all Internet dude), you already know that it’s not a true movie. But still, it totally works, and kudos to the makers for successfully replicating the look of a VHS or Betamax tape. The chiptune felt out of place, though. I don’t know if they’re not aware of it, but chiptunes are exclusive to computer games during the 80s, and using it for a movie actually gives it a more modern aura (in the sense that only modern films use chiptunes to evoke nostalgia. My brain is pretty much asploding at this point, so I’m going to stop).