New Killer Instinct Will Be a Free to Play Fighting Game

New Killer Instinct Will Be a Free to Play Fighting Game 0


For a short while, many fighting game aficionados were excited to hear that Rare’s 90s fighting game franchise Killer Instinct will be getting a revival as an Xbox One exclusive. However, all the buzz has since overshadowed by all the negative press that Microsoft and the Xbox One are getting (due to the draconian DRM and disrespect for the first sale doctrine).

This new tidbit might bring back the momentum, though: it seems like the new Killer Instinct game will be a free to play, digital-only launch that will – get this – debut with only a single character available.

Players will only be able to play as Jago for free, with the rest of the characters requiring purchase. So wait – why is it called Free to Play again? It only has one character and the rest of the content is locked until you shell out money? It’s a trial version.

Killer Instinct is being developed by Double Helix Games, which previously worked on titles like Silent Hill Homecoming and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

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