Killer is Dead Coming to PC This Month 0

killer is dead

For all the PC Master Race in-jokes floating around the Internet, the truth is that the PC platform usually misses out on sleeper hits and high quality releases from non AAA studios. Lately, the trend seems to be dying as many previously console-only franchises started trickling over to Steam (notably fighting games, a genre that the PC isn’t really known for.) Now, Suda51’s edgy Killer is Dead will be added to the list of formerly console-exclusive games, as its PC port has been officially dated.

According to its Steam page, Killer is Dead will be coming to PC on May 23, and it won’t be coming alone as it comes packed with a number of new features and content. The most notable new feature is the addition of Nightmare Mode, which is said to have enemies that can only be defeated with Adrenaline Bursts, Dodge Bursts, and Headshots. Additionally, Final Judgment QTE finishers will be unavailable in the mode. The PC version will also include a Theater Mode, which allows gamers to watch cutscenes and view background info on characters.

And then there’s the matter of DLC. The Smooth Operator DLC Pack comes with X-Ray glasses, costumes, and a new mission—is included and unlocked after Episode 3.