Jet Set Radio Coming to iOS and Android 0

Jet Set Radio Coming to iOS and Android

Some of you young chaps may not remember Jet Set Radio – it’s that nifty Dreamcast and XboX game that has you roller skating, doing extreme tricks, and vandalizing while being chased by the police. It’s like Tony Hawk meets a little bit of GTA and certain amount of Japanese randomness, plus neon colors, lots and lots of neon colors. It turns out Sega’s going to bring it back all shiny and new, and in various platforms.

The HD remaster of Jet Set Radio will come out for the Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, PS Vita, and PC this summer. The game will even see ports on the Android, iPhone, and iPad platforms.

The Android and iOS versions are notable because they will support Retina displays (so the shiny and new-ness is going to be even more apparent) and the OpenFeint social platform, giving players the ability to create their own graffiti via photos taken with the device’s camera.