Jersey Shore’s Snooki is a Game Developer Now? 1

Jersey Shore's Snooki is a Game Developer Now?

Snooki (real name Nicole Polizzi), who is one of the “stars” of MTV’s reality show Jersey Shore, is currently under negotiations with software developer Apps Genius Corps., Snooki is planning to work with AGC in creating games and apps for mobile phones and flash based platforms such as Facebook.

In case you’re wondering if Snooki is relevant to any of Apps Genius Corps’ games, AGC’s current offering is called Slap a Friend, which is an app that allows you to superimpose a picture of a friend on an in-game model, which you can then beat up in a cartoonish manner using baseball bats, wrecking balls, bricks, and a whole lot of other blunt instruments. It’s a game that really captures what the pint-sized, tan-skinned reality star is all about (or at least, it’s a game that captures what most people would like to do to her).

The current deal with AGC locks in Snooki’s “services” and involvement in eight social games and apps for Android, Facebook, Google+, and iOS. In a recent press release, Snookie has the following to say:

“These games and applications are my new favorite accessories, and I love them to death. Having worked on these from the beginning, I know Jersey Shore viewers and my other fans will love them. I can’t wait to release the first one that we have been working on with Apps Genius.”

Which answers most of the questions people have about her involvement, but manages to raise an entirely different question: Snooki has fans?