Japanese Games Suck, says Indie Game Developer

Japanese Games Suck, says Indie Game Developer 0

Japanese Games Suck, says Indie Game Developer

In this week’s Game Developers Conference, the fantastic looking indie game Fez was overshadowed by a comment made by its developer Phil Fish. After a screening of Indie Game: The Movie, in which Fish is featured along with other indie developers, a Japanese developer from the crowd asked the panel about their opinion on Japanese games.

“Your games just suck,” says Fish.

Nobody knows if Phil Fish said it out of a misguided attempt to be irreverent and edgy, or if he really does think that Japanese games suck (which would seem odd, considering that his retro-inspired game Fez seems to owe a lot of design concepts from Japanese games), but the overwhelming response across Twitter is that Fish was way out of line. Some consider his statement wrong, some think inaccurate, but almost all of them believe it was rude.

Another developer, Zack Guido, tweeted the following in response to Fish:

“It’s shameful to sit on a panel discussing an inspiring and heart-felt film and then arrogantly disrespect someone’s culture.”

Fish defended himself by saying that he “made a statement about modern japanese games. not the country, not the culture.”

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