Injustice: Gods Among Us Reveals Story 0

injustice gods among us

Gamers are a very forgiving lot when it comes to stories in fighting games. You can pretty much just give them any half-baked story in order to justify all the fighting and they’ll be happy as long as there’s a crotch-punching move, which is why many fighting games in the 90s had backstories that made very little sense even for people high on drugs (a mysterious portal has opened and let loose a bunch of evil creatures on our reality, the only way to close the portal is to find a four armed sorcerer ninja and punch him in the dick.)

With the DC-themed fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us, fighting game fans are prepared to give it a pass for any ridiculous backstory. Once they saw a video of Batman punching Solomon Grundy in the crotch, it was a bona fide day one purchase. However, for gamers whose passions lean more towards comic books than games, it is nice to know that it actually has a decent backstory modeled after Kingdom Come.

Check out the trailer below if you want to know why the game has a Batman that wants to punch Kryptonian crotch so much: