New Harvest Moon Game for Nintendo 3DS Revealed 0

harvest moon 3ds new

The Harvest Moon series of farming sims has seen a major installment or two on Nintendo’s consoles for every generation since the SNES days, garnering a large yet fairly niche following. The last few entries seemed to have veered away from realistic farming as it introduced fighting elements and OTT fantasy elements, specifically the Rune Factory series. Gamers loved it, but many agree that it is a significant departure from what made the series great.

Thankfully, 3DS users will see a return to form as Famitsu recently revealed a new entry in the series being scheduled for a FEbruary 2014 release. Titled Harvest Moon: Linking the New World, the new game will once again put players in the role of a male or female farmer in Oaktree Town, where the main focus will be on hunting animals, fishing, and finding someone suitable to marry.

Source: Famitsu (via