Half-Minute Hero Gets Sequel on iOS 0

sprite based hero

One of the more unique takes on the RPG genre was Half-Minute Hero on the PSP, which completely addressed most people’s complaints with the genre’s need for a huge time investment by limiting each playthrough to 60 seconds (of course, there are ways to extend this time limit and the timer stops when you’re in town, but on the whole the gist of the storyline is addressed within he span of a minute.) This January, director Kotaro Yoshida is bringing the same brand of genre-bending to the iOS platform via the game 100 Turn Hero.

Details about 100 Turn Hero is still scarce, but the name seems to be as self-explanatory as Half Minute Hero’s, and the game also uses the same retro-inspired sprite based graphics. The game is expected to come out on Japanese iOS devices on January 17, 2014 for 100 yen.