New Godzilla Game Trailer Released 0


Hollywood’s most recent attempt to make a Godzilla film was successful in the sense that it was a significantly better representation of the king of monsters compared to the one with Matthew Broderick. It didn’t make Avengers-levels of money but it made a decent profit and wasn’t bashed by critics. However, it’s not exactly the kind of movie that is fit for a videogame (and the aforementioned bit about not being comicbook movie-level successful) so it’s a bit of a surprise that there’s a new game for the Playstation 3 coming out.

What’s not surprising: it’s from Japan and is based on the original Godzilla instead of the Hollywood versions, so it’s all good. And it’s from Bandai Namco Games, which has its fingers on just about every decent property pie from Japan as far as videogames are concerned. If you’re curious about the game, Bamco has released a trailer on Youtube, which we have taken the liberty of posting here, to avoid all that extra clicking business and whatnot: