New God of War: Ascension Dev Diary Provides Insight Into single Player 0

god of war ascension

Sony has recently released a new developer diary for God of War: Ascension, and this time around the focus is on the development of the single player campaign, with some parts delving into the art and design for the series. You can catch the clip after the cut:

I’m glad that Sony feels differently from the devs over at Crytek, who just recently made a public statement that goes something like, the notion of single player has to go away, which implies that gaming in the feature will be exclusively multiplayer, either over the net or with your friends, while huddling over a single TV screen. Both are unacceptable to yours truly, because first, I live in the third world and third world Internet is slower than a constipated geriatric, and usually just as reliable. Second, I don’t have any friends.

Besides, it’s felt by many gamers that single player is slowly being neglected by many developers these days, partly because it’s much faster (not necessarily easier, just less stops from A to B) to design a game around multiplayer, and partly because online multiplayer can act as a very good means of DRM. But yeah, there’s still room for single player games in the industry, and we’re glad a big name like Sony still pays attention to it.

God of War: Ascension makes its North American debut on March 12, with a European release following on March 13.