God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition Comes with a Kratos Statue 0

God of War: Ascension Collector's Edition

God of War fans who are looking for the next installment of Kratos’ bloody adventure, God of War: Ascension, may want to invest a little more on the special collector’s edition if they have a little wiggle room in their budget, since the $79.99 collector’s edition (price came from Amazon listing) includes a statue of the Spartan War God himself, Kratos.

Of course, the 8” Kratos statue is not really enough to warrant the increased price (unless you’re a really big and perverted fan of Kratos), so it’s a good thing the collector’s edition also contains the following:

• Steelbook case
• Digital soundtrack
• PS3 dynamic theme
• PSN avatar pack
• Double XP multiplayer unlock
• Pass for “future DLC content.”

Let’s hope the “future DLC content” means you get all future DLC content for free, or at least, shouldn’t be a simple half-assed costume change. God of War: Ascension is scheduled for release on the PS3 on March 12, 2013.