New Gameplay Trailer for Zeno Clash II 0


Zeno Clash was one of those odd releases that everybody loved and praised, but very few actually managed to play. Originally developed by Chilean developers ACE Team, it used Valve’s Source engine but instead of creating a straightforward FPS, it created a First Person Fighting game with a refreshing tribal/prehistoric-like setting. It was a refreshing use of an award-winning FPS engine, at a time when the market was already starting to get saturated by Me-Too realistic shooters. Sadly, Zeno Clash failed to make a dent in the marketplace.

But sometimes the world tries to make up for injustices in life, and this time around ACE Team and the Zeno Clash franchise will be given another chance to make it big with the release of the sequel, Zeno Clash II, which is due out this year. You can check out the latest gameplay trailer below:

Zeno Clash II will be available on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and Steam.