Final Fantasy XIV Beta Gets a PS4 Start Date 0


Final Fantasy XIV is generating a lot of online buzz these days, no doubt coming from fans who finally had a chance to play on the PC and loving every minute (or hour, judging by how long they play per session) of it. Those who are planning to get it for the PS4, on the other hand, will get their chance soon as the official beta testing for Final Fantasy IIV: A Realm Reborn in Japan has been announced as February 22, 2014. They also confirmed that North American and European PS4 users will get their respective beta tests on the same day.

Additionally, Japanese players who are playing FFXIV on their PS3s will be able to switch over to the PS4 version at launch without incurring any additional charge, which should be good news for console gamers who want to get it now but are still on the fence because they also want to play it on the PS4.