Final Fantasy VII International to be Released for PC in Japan 0

Final Fantasy VII International to be Released for PC in Japan

Final Fantasy VII is a bit of a hot topic, as there’s three sides that are completely at odds with each other. On one side, you have fans who are fuming mad that Square has yet to remake the classic, especially now that Final Fantasy: Advent Children has proven how kick-ass it would look using current gen graphics. On the other side, you also have fans who believe that Square should just let Sleeping Dogs(see what I did there?) like, and focus on creating brand new IPs. And then there’s Square, whose executives have various opinions on the subject, that all converge into one point: an FFVII remake would be a massive undertaking and it’s probably not worth the effort at this junction.

That doesn’t say something about a re-release and a port, though. Which is why Square-Enix has recently decided to release Final Fantasy VII International for the PC in the Japanese market. There’s no release date yet, with the only promise given being “soon.”

It should be noted that Final Fantasy VII International is a PC port, not a remake. It’s probably going to have better music than the Playstation original (not 100% sure. The PC port of Final Fantasy 8, for example, had poor quality midi music compared to the redbook audio found in the PS original). The graphics and full motion video may also be rendered in higher resolutions, as expected of any PC game, but that’s it – it’s just going to support HD resolutions but it’s still going to use the same engine as the original, which means you’ll still have to deal with Chibi Squall and co.