New Final Fantasy IX Side Quest Discovered 0


It was not unusual for easter eggs or hidden sidequests in videogames to remain unknown for years in the days before the Internet, but now that every single information – including ones that we don’t care to hear about – is a mere click away, it is very impressive that a previously unknown side quest has just been discovered for Final Fantasy IX (which was released for the PSX back in 2000), 13 years after the fact.

If you feel like checking out this new sidequest on your own, you can check out the following video (the video description also contains instructions on how to do the quest):

Now, it’s highly unlikely that the quest is really unknown to people who aren’t programmers of the game before this video – chances are many players have already come across it. It’s just noteworthy because no FAQs or forum discussions have mentioned it. In fact, even the official guidebook failed to mention this fourth-disc side quest.