Fan Translator Offers Mother 3 Files to Nintendo 0

Fan Translator Offers Mother 3 Files to Nintendo

Nintendo is receiving a lot of (positive) attention these past few weeks, simply because they have decided to finally release the cult favorite sci-fi RPG Earthbound on the Virtual Console. However, fans are also clamoring for another game that’s part of the series: Mother 3, which was a Gameboy Advance follow up to Earthbound (titled Mother in Japan) that was never really officially released outside of the Japanese market.

In a bid to get things rolling, fan translator Clyde Mandelin is offering up his files to Nintendo for free in order to make the decision easier on the part of the console maker. The translation patch was originally released by Mandelin and a team of Mother 3 fans back in 2008, and he stated on his blog that he is willing to edit the files himself in order to comply with whatever standards Nintendo needs to follow, and would even retranslate the whole thing free of charge.

While we don’t think Nintendo would actually take him up on the offer, we are at least hoping that the big N is watching and seeing just how much people love the franchise.

Via: Joystiq