New Extended Trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 0


If you’re still hungry for more Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII coverage despite the torrent of footages that was released these past few weeks, the Tokyo Game Show 2013 has you covered, as Square-Enix has just released an extended trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII exclusively for the event. The new one clocks in at 2.14 minutes and consists of both cinematic and gameplay footage. You can check it out below:

Lightning Returns is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2 and continues the storyline of Final Fantasy XIII, forming part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries. The game is set five hundred years after the previous game’s ending, with Lightning awakening from her self-imposed hibernation a full 13 days before the end of the world. In her mission to save the people from the dying world, Lightning will eventually come into contact with returning characters from the past two games, as well as new characters who either support or oppose her mission.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is scheduled for release in Japan on November 21, 2013, with North American, Australian, and European Releases following in February next year.