EarthBound for the Virtual Console 0

EarthBound for the Virtual Console

For years, Earthbound has been the holy grail of RPGs on Nintendo’s consoles, with the games receiving lots of praise from gamer, but receiving very little love from Nintendo themselves outside of Japan. There’s been resurgence on the Gameboy Advance, but it wasn’t enough to satiate fans, resulting in actual copies of the cartridge fetching upwards of $200 on eBay, and that’s if you’re lucky. Many collectors simply don’t want to part with their copies of the game.

That price may go down in the future, as Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has recently announced that Earthbound will be making its way to Virtual Console by the end of the year. The price for actual cart copies might still remain high, but at least people who just want to play the game will be able to do so, while Nintendo will still be able to profit off the popularity of the RPG. Everybody is happy.

What will make people even happier is if Earthbound receives so much attention that Nintendo decides to revive the franchise with another sequel or a modern update. We’re allowed to dream, right?